Bernoulli Blower

Let’s talk about pressure. What makes an airplane fly? With the Bernoulli blower, you will see how air moves around an object creating different pressures on that object allowing it to fly or float. See how many balls you can keep in the air at one time. How many blowers will it take? Does changing the angle of the blower affect the ball’s stability?

Micro Eye Stations

There is so much to see at the micro eye stations. Using the zoom and focus adjusters, see things up close as you’ve never seen before. We will have specimens available for you to check out. Images will be displayed on a high-def television for surrounding guests to see.


Ball Wall

Think of this exhibit as a life-size marble run. With some parts being movable and some permanent, you will be able to make different courses for your ball to move across the wall to get to the ground. Take turns using the blower, conveyer and the screw to lift your ball to the top and use the magnetized parts to move your ball across and down.

Water Table

There are so many things to see at this water table. Think of this table as a little town with a river running through it. Race boats down the ramps and open and close gates to see which path is quickest to the end. Build a fountain with different shaped wands, find the fog mushroom and make it rain with the rain cloud.

Sensory Room

The Monroe Science Center provides a sensory room for families with special needs. We understand the main exhibit space will feel loud and overwhelming at times, so this space will be equipped with a variety of activities to provide a calm and tranquil space for those who need it. We have partnered with a local nonprofit, The Arc, to help us with this project.

Traveling Exhibit Hall

The Monroe Science Center has a traveling exhibit space. This area will host exhibits that will be featured for a limited time and change thoughout the year.

Our first exhibit is about Dr. Christine Mann Darden. This exhibit was put together by the City of Monroe.